Specialty Items Wall Shelves

21790 Maxwell Picture Ledge Shelf - 48 Inch
21790 Maxwell Picture Ledge Shelf - 36 Inch
21790 Maxwell Picture Ledge Shelf - 24 Inch
57607 Shelf with 8 Inch Top
57607 Mantle Shelf
57607 Shelf with 8 Inch Top & Railing
57607 Quilt Shelves
40390 Curveback Rail Shelf
40390 Quilt Shelf with Rail
40390 Quilt Shelf
40390 Mission Quilt Shelf
40390 Quilt Clamp Shelf
40390 Triple Plate Shelf
40390 Double Plate Shelf
40390 Straightback Oak Shelf
40390 Curveback Oak Shelf
40390 Mission Shelf
40390 Mission Captain Shelf
40390 Coat N Cap Mission Captain Shelf
40390 Heart Double Shelf
40390 Cubbie Shelf with Hooks
40390 4 Hook Coat N Cap Mission Shelf
40390 Acorn Shelf
40390 Coat-n-Cap Shelf
40390 Cubbie Shelf
40390 Modern Shelf
40390 Rose Shelf


With Liberty Square Furniture, you have the option to customize your furniture in a number of ways. Choose the size, hardwood, stain, upholstery and much more to make the piece your own. If you have any questions our design experts can help you find what looks best!

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